The Stephanie problem


Lock Haven

During her two election campaigns, Stephanie Borowicz made no secret of her love for her God and her love for lethal weapons.

A majority of voters saw nothing odd in that combination of affections, and we should not be surprised that Pennsylvania House Speaker Mike Turzai should invite her to deliver the House invocation, or that state Rep. Daryle Metcalf should invite her to speak at his gun rally.

Any resemblance between these two men and a fair-minded, upright politician is purely accidental; they are well-versed in the dark arts of Harrisburg and obviously saw in the freshman Borowicz an attractive poster girl for their unattractive agendas.

Wide-eyed in awe at her new and unfamiliar surroundings, no wonder she fell for the trap of instant recognition by powerful men.

That is Theory No. 1 to explain her recent unfortunate performances.

Theory No. 2 is that from the outset she concealed from a gullible electorate a deep vein of religious and racial intolerance to which, now that she is elected, she can give free rein.

Theory No. 3 is that she just has a thing for hairy dudes with no teeth.

Wearing an American Guard shirt may not mean that they are members of the American Guard, she could argue. After all, I have a Pink Floyd T-shirt.

The only remedy for theories number 2 and 3 is to be rid of her. In my opinion, the 76th District deserves better than to be represented by a dufus or someone who has no tolerance for others.

If Theory No. 1 is correct then it should be possible for the party leaders, who plucked her from her backyard in Linnippi Village and made her look like a state representative, to take her to one side and instruct her in how they expect a real representative to conduct herself.

If she has the wisdom and humility to learn from her missteps, we might yet take something worthwhile from her time in office.


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