You should be ashamed of yourselves


Beech Creek

To all who it may concern, The Express should be ashamed of itself for allowing that hit piece against state Rep. Stephanie Borowicz to run in the “news” paper.

In my opinion, whatever editor thought it would be okay to run that should be fired. I find it nothing more than a malicious attack on Stephanie. I’m sure you will just hide behind some excuse like “oh well the ADL said this and we’re just reporting it,” but so far as I’m concerned, that’s unacceptable. If you have to resort to running pieces like this, that says a lot about your newspaper. As an American who doesn’t identify with either party, I am so sick of the way progressives especially are allowed to get away with attacking anyone they don’t like with little hit pieces like this. They lay out some ridiculous and baseless accusation, and then they demand that people answer to and defend themselves to each ridiculous accusation. The majority of us level-headed people can see right through these dirty tactics.

There is supposed to be a burden of proof for an accuser in responsible journalism. Facts should actually have to be sorted through before running a piece like this that could slander/stain someone’s reputation. Stephanie is obviously not a racist and neither was the 2nd Amendment rally. Gun ownership has absolutely nothing to do with racism.

In my opinion, the article managed to taint and discredit both her reputation and the goal of the rally, most likely because I believe you don’t like either of them.

What happened to responsible journalism? Or would you rather just ride that “dishonest headline train” just because you’d rather bait people? I believe this article was so far off base that the managers of The Express should be ashamed it was ever printed. If I was Stephanie, I’d have lawyers looking into what avenues they could have to sue you for defamation.


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