I’d like to answer a couple of questions for Charles M. Reeder in his June 15 letter to the editor titled How?

To start, no a person is not a whinner when they write a letter complaining about gays and lesbians or children who get trophies just for participating.

That person has every right to complain. Trophies are meant to be given out to those who has achieved goals in sporting events and in the arts and not to someone who was either forced out of bed to attend some function that they know very little about or the ability to perform or someone who just wants public attention.

Next is Mr. Feeder’s assertion that Mr. Obama derserves the same respect as President Trump, not hardly. We all knew then as well as now that Mr. Obama and his administration was nothing but a big crime wave that our country some how endured for eight years. We must thank God for looking over us all because we now know Mr. Obama’s main goal was to separate us all with hate so as to commence in creating this “One World Order” that the muslim based countries are pushing for.

How can any sane citizen of the U.S. respect a person who turns his back on law enforcement and throw them under the bus the way he did.

How can anyone have respect for a person who handicaps our military ? Also, Obama imported 70,000 Somolian “refugees” and settled them all in one state in order to tip the election scales so that he could get more Muslims in our government, and it worked. Oh, I could continue on this subject alone for hours but we all know of all the scandalous behavior of the Obama Administration so I’ll continue on to Mr. Readers next question.

All in one sentence: ” How can you say you support the military and veterans and say nothing when President Trump is protected from seeing John McCain’s name or support the possible pardons of war criminals by President Trump ?”

Well for one, I can very easily say I support the military and the veterans and may God bless every single one of them.

As for President Trump being protected from “seeing John McCain’s name” on the ship, I believe that was not of our president’s doing and he wasn’t aware. When he was asked about I think he was surprised and even said that the sight of John McCain’s name would not have bothered him.

The next of Mr. Reeder’s questions is about our president’s transparency.

So far as I’m concerned, President Trump is to date the most thoroughly investigated president in history. There is no reason for anyone — even Congress — to have any information on President Trump’s health, wealth or academic records or any other presidents for that matter.

But, my opinion is that a birth certificate is another matter.

And as far as blocking Congress from conducting further investigations in regards to the Mueller report, there is nothing there worth investigating and wasting more of the tax payers money the way the Democrats in Congress are very, very well known for. Mr. Reeder continues with us considering how many times the Republicans have investigated both the Clintons and now another investigation of the Benghazi scandal with President Trump supporting it.

Well of course we need those two especially re-investigated because all of the previous investigation were conducted by Mr. Obama’s people .. you know, the FBI under Comey and the CIA, which was not only was hiding the truth about Benghazi but also protecting the Clintons and Hillary in particular.

Yes, I even support another complete, no favoritism investigation as well.

Last but not least, Mr. Reeder asked if anyone was surprised to hear Mitch McConnell say that if the U.S. Supreme Court has a vacancy in 2020 – an election year – the Senate will vote to fill the seat with President Trump’s nominee.

And he adds, “Democrats knew what he was doing and why.” Well Duh!

Of course Mr. Reeder, the Democrats have done that very same thing for years. Now we have a president who is appointing judges who will work to uphold the law of the land for the people of that land.

Isn’t change great?