My Father was a very big man


Beech Creek

To say My father was a very big man,

with very big arms and very big hands.

He also was a very kind and gentle man,

as a child he was my hero and a big fan.

He could pick up a motor and walk away,

with us as children he would love to play.

Loved to tell stories keeping you thinking all day,

he was able to tell the same stories in many ways.

Sad to say there were some things he could not do,

he could not keep my heart from breaking in two.

He could only comfort me when I was felling blue,

seeing me sad breaking his heart through and through.

My father in heaven sent his only son down,

to give me comfort and take away my frown.

because of Jesus I can walk on solid ground,

thanking the Lord above that Jesus is around.

Jesus is the only one that can make me whole,

by taking my sinful heart and saving my soul.

In my life my sinful ways no longer have control,

for living for the Lord Jesus is the only way to go.


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