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Lock Haven

Charlie Ryan, a former Lock Haven Express publisher and good friend, once told me that its subscribers wanted to read about the Strawberry Festival in Swissdale, not the stock market in New York.

It’s miraculous that a community of this size receives a daily newspaper dropped on their doorstep.

Whether by mail in Florida or hand delivered by our local “paperboy,” The Express is a welcome part of our life. On June 11, there were letters to the editor from people in Allenwood, South Williamsport, Amherst, N.Y., Rochester, N.Y. and Cogan Station.

Yet, there were none from folks in our home town.

Who are these people and why do we care what they have to say? If I want to know what people think in Rochester, N.Y., then I’ll buy a copy of their newspaper.

Clinton County opinions are the ones we care about. And I don’t want to be troubled with mass electronic submissions from internet-addicted whack jobs.

If there is space to fill, perhaps it could be dedicated it to the many charitable organizations of this area.

Newspapers do have a 1st Amendment right to refuse submissions.

I respectfully request this newspaper establish policies that at least limit the number of letters outside of a geographical radius of our county.

I truly hope that more local subscribers will put down the phone, pick up the pen, and share their views so the readers and our elected officials learn more about their opinions.

(Editor’s Note: Letters ‘from afar’ are submitted by readers of the on-line version of The Express at www.lockhaven.com, which has a wide audience on the worldwide web. The newspaper is a forum for all who engage in civil discourse. To deny our readers access to that forum is to not uphold our duty. All local-regional readers are welcome to submit letters, and many do.)


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