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Lock Haven

Looking for some summer reading?

How about a best-seller full of narrative interest, dramatic tension, and compelling details, with a whole cast of nefarious characters, each with his own set of motivations, psychological drivers, and, shall we say, misguided enthusiasms?

I’m talking about the Mueller Report.

The Report consists of two volumes. The first, which I have just completed, focuses on Russian interference in the 2016 election. The second concerns obstruction of justice. It’s clear from page one that Robert Mueller and his team did due diligence in gathering the facts and examining the evidence. It may be difficult for us – given the spin that has already been generated around this material – to read the Report objectively.

But Mueller himself, in a rare appearance in front of the microphone last week, asked us to understand that the Report speaks for itself.

As Americans concerned about the future of our country, it’s incumbent on us to find our way to this Report and give it a read. (Or a listen. You can listen, free, on Audible.com.) The Report is now available at Ross, where you can read it in the comfort of the library. (The Report is marked “Not for Circulation” so it can be made available to all those folks who have a few minutes to sit down and discover for themselves what the Report has to say.)

It may be the most important read of your life.


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