School taxes


Jersey Shore

Let me ask you a question. Why should I pay for another person’s child to go to school?

On June 12, I read how the Jersey Shore School District has decided to raise my taxes just to cover their “fiscal irresponsibility” so they don’t have to dip into their fund up to $1 million. But the only reason I am being taxed in the first place is to pay for a system that I do not use, do not benefit from, and frankly don’t agree with.

Yes, I am paying for the public school education for other people’s kids.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe in giving children an education, after all, I have four kids myself. But my wife and I have chosen to homeschool our kids. Each year we spend hundreds of dollars on books, supplies, and curriculums so our children can have a quality education.

We even take turns on teaching them and doing class projects with them because raising kids is a two parent job. But this all comes from our own pocket.

So why should I also be taxed to pay for someone else’s child to be educated?

If I can do it on a tight budget, then shouldn’t they also be able to take responsibility for their child to raise and educate them from their own pocket?

Honestly, what happened to taking responsibility for our choices?

I think it is time that we stop covering up for other people’s problems and instead help them to see that if they make choices in life, like to have kids or get pregnant, that there are responsibilities that go along with the choices. It is called becoming an adult. So please, don’t raise my taxes to pay for your responsibilities.