The Democrat Myth


South Williamsport

The Democrat party has a long history of corruption.

President Andrew Jackson, who I consider to be one of the party’s most beloved and corrupt presidents, became known as the spokesman for the common man.

In reality, Jackson was wealthy and lived an aristocratic lifestyle. The history I’ve researched shows he was the archetypal hypocrite, a proud slave owner who traded in slaves and owned them nearly his entire life. His Democratic party was the party of slavery, the segregated South and was inexorably linked to the tracking, beating and occasional lynching of runaway slaves seeking freedom. This beloved Democrat presided over the shameful forced removal of Native Americans from their native lands. They were marched hundreds of miles in what became called the Trail of Tears. They were forcefully “resettled” on lands that were often some of the least desirable land in the country. To this day, this historical myth, this Jacksonian myth, remains part of the Democrat myth and mantra.

Some still believe the myth of this party being the party of the common man.

I say that could not be farther from the truth. The party has become the party of Harvard, Yale, other liberal Ivy League universities, as well as every other radical leftist campus in the U.S. It’s the party of Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Apple Computers, Silicon Valley, Manhattan investment bankers and stock brokers. It’s the party of overt socialism, neo-Marxism, the new fascists of the left, et al. It’s the party of fake news and the mainstream media, political correctness, open borders, sanctuary cities, George Soros, the home of the Arkansas Mafia and the Chicago Mafia . The Dems are brothers in arms with the radical ACLU.

The Center for Responsive Politics has found that 19 of 20 of the wealthiest zip codes in America gave the vast bulk of their political-financial support to the Democrats in the 2016 presidential election and the 2018 mid-term elections.

The Republicans are supposed to be the party of the rich. However, the Democrats have virtually total support of politically active billionaires in the U.S. They have the most organized, richest, economic-connected and corrupt political power in history. They – the corrupt media complex the soulless financial elitists and the immoral entertainment industry – are the entities that share a large responsibility for America’s cultural and social degradation.

It has been said that money is the mother’s milk of politics. This writer believes the Democrats would include deceit and chicanery as part of this notion of political mother’s milk.


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