Wake up



I have been watching the news on Trump and I’m amazed of the attacks on our president.

Here’s the deal folks: Why should we accept imports from China?

Are we not capable of producing the same in our country? Are we stupid? Don’t you people realize the importance to China of all of the produts we buy from them? Money, of course.

Maybe we could bring more factories back to the U.S.A. I am amazed at the indifference, the stupidity running through the veins of some Americans when it comes to this issue.

Can you not wrap your heads around the fact that this president is actually trying to do something for the American people?

As for sending illegal aliens back, whichever way he see fit is a lot better than we would be treated if we crossed illegally into their country.

I can assure you that that in some countries, our heads would be chopped off our shoulders and put it on TV.

God almighty, wake up people.