How lucky



I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of The (Lock Haven) Express for publishing many of my letters to the editor.

God, how many times in the past did my mom – with her fingers drumming on the kitchen table – give me the Myers stare and (knowing before I asked) that she had seen my letters in the paper. I remember her not being happy about the opinions I expressed.

OK, but it is my constitutional right to say what I please. As I feel my time on earth may be about over as I head down to the Penn State Cancer Institute at Hershey Medical Center – knowing that I had left my cancer go for too long to recover – I think back over the past knowing how lucky I was to live in a generation of unbelievable faith and hope.

Looking back at 1963, a year that I will never forget, watching John F. Kennedy’s funeral with my family crying. What a sad day.

But 1969 was the happiest year of my life as I witnessed a new beginning for my generation: The hippies are one of the most powerful people of all time as we fought the establishment. We wanted a different life. We wanted peace, not war.

I witnessed the horrors of the Vietnam War, seeing my friends leave … some returning, some coming home in a coffin. Most left as innocent kids. One friend, a shy boy, came home with death never have seemingly left his eyes.

I remember marching onto Washington against Nixon and listening to John Lennon and Credence Clear Water Revival.

Gone were the garter belts, in came pantyhose, mini skirts, and free love. And yes, the birth control pill.

No other generation will ever experience the explosion as we did.

I am so very proud of my generation and I must now leave my heart to the young.