Jersey Shore Area School District



I’m grateful to know there are others who are willing to write their thoughts about our school district. Thank you, Karen Dingler of Jersey Shore, for your wisdom expressed in your recent letter. You hit the problem right on. Wages and benefits have to be frozen for years to come, in my opinion. I agree the administrative positions also must be frozen from any increases. Where is the gratitude and thankfulness of a paycheck on their behalf from our school district in this financial crisis? As I heard it quoted, the bulk of district expenses are wages and benefits.

This must be brought to the board table and dealt with.

The children and their education should be at the very top of priorities. Sacrificing pay raises and paying more for health care have to be considered so students don’t have programs ripped away from them.

I’d like to see a list with reasons why students have chosen to attend charter-cyber schools. Fix the problems. Keep students in our schools.

Closing Avis and Salladasburg elementary schools would stuff more students into classrooms and diminish their experience.

These schools are assets to our district. Don’t throw these two schools away like Nippenose Elementary. What a loss to our district!

Accept and deal with the real problems. Bankruptcy is close for our district, in my opinion.