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After just finished reading the letter titled “American Concerns” in the July 19 edition of The Express I felt compelled to write in and say, God Bless Ida Temple from Mansfield.

Don’t worry Ida, the only people who would call you names because you do not want illegal aliens coming into our country represent, in my opinion, what is wrong with our country to begin with.

These individuals are divided in half. One half are the unknowing being indoctrinated by the unpatriotic lawless; other half, in my opinion, are liberal communists.

I suppose those on the left have some real good names to call me out of frustration and meanness because I will not shut up and be silenced and controlled by them. I just had this conversation with one of my older sisters on the phone from down state and she said that, although she agrees with my political veiwpoints, she wished that I should be a little more “politically correct” and polite.

I explained to her that people with that mindset are the ones who allowed all of this to happen. They and she are the ones who are not paying attention to what is being taught to our children in our public schools and because of that we are seeing certain youth coming into the schools to influence our children’s minds against their parents’ religious beliefs.

Are civics and U.S. history being taught in the schools any longer?

In many schools, they’ve taken out prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

These very same people who would call you a bigot are the ones who endorse the burning of our national flag and yet protect the so called ”rights” of foreign nationals and the LGBTQs and allow them to display their flags instead.

I am a very strong supporter for President Trump because of his devotion to law and order, ‘our economy (not foreign interest) and our military. I wear my MAGA hat proudly and I pray that I will never witness our flag being burned.

We all must do our part in preserving our country and take it back away from what I call intruders.

As I mentioned above, God Bless You Ida Temple and while I’m at it, God Bless all like-minded American citizens.

We do not need the unpatriotic and foreign haters whether or not if they become legal citizens. You have responsibilities as Americans

Send them back and build the wall already.


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