Sen. Corman, do your job


State College

Our state senator, Jake Corman, is receiving well-deserved criticism for his recent rant on the Pennsylvania Senate Floor in Harrisburg. In my opinion his behavior was repugnant and embarrassing.

Corman may have been technically correct in asking Lt. Governor Fetterman to “do your job” to enforce the Senate rules, but Corman’s immature screaming rant showed a total lack of compassion — and so far as I’m concerned it was bullying.

Sen. Corman, a majority Republican party leader, could have requested a three-minute suspension of Senate rules, allowing Sen. Katie Muth time to read a letter from a formerly homeless man imploring the GOP-dominated Senate to continue funding an effective and long-standing public assistance program, which they later voted to end. Was three minutes too much to ask?

If Corman is so concerned about Fetterman doing his job, we must also ask Sen. Corman to do his job!

Sen. Corman:

r Do your job and address human-caused climate change. Protect us, and future generations, from extreme weather changes that will accelerate without swift action.

r Do your job by leading Pennsylvania to a clean energy future and relief from pollution caused by burning fossil fuels.

r Do your job by leading us away from the scourge of single-use plastic bags and bottles.

r Do your job by eliminating gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.

Sen. Corman is his party’s leader in Harrisburg. With so many pressing issues facing Pennsylvanians, there’s no room for his selfish, childish rants–or his bullying of fellow senators. Sen. Corman do your job.

Move all Pennsylvanians forward, especially those citizens who most need your help.