Step aside



I attended the July meeting of the Pine Creek Township Board of Supervisors to ask about an issue that I had asked about a year ago and was told it would be looked into.

The issue being a short stretch of road of less than 75 yards where four deer were hit and killed last year and two that I am aware of this year.

I had asked last year of the possibility of some deer crossing signs being put up.

When it was my turn to speak, I again asked about some signs possibly being put up.

One member of the board (Mr. Wilt) made the comment “these people are killing me.”

This was not said in a humorous tone; it was a voice filled with impatience and a “quit bothering me” tone.

You were elected to the position you currently hold.

You owe more to the people who come before the board with their concerns.

If the people are – as you say – “killing you,” then you need to hand in your resignation and step aside for someone who has the concern of the people on their agenda rather than just picking up a fairly decent check for your 30 to 40 minutes worth of serving on the board every month.

Let someone who cares serve.

I assure you I will support wholeheartedly anyone who runs against you the next time you seek re-election because you simply shouldn’t be there with that attitude. The board as a whole needs to look at itself and ask why you’re there and how you got there.


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