Taxes, taxes, taxes



Could anyone responsible for raising the Jersey Shore Area School district taxes honestly believe many taxpayers own their own home but are retired senior citizens in their 70s, 80s and even 90s living on fixed incomes?

Why should we continue to carry this financial burden when we cannot afford to do so while depending on our monthly Social Security checks?

Every working person in this state should be paying these ridiculous school taxes that increase more every year without fail.

We senior citizens do not receive a raise in our Social Security checks every year, like most people think we do. However we continue to pay high school taxes every year.

What is expected of us? Should we sell our home because we can no longer afford to keep it? This county doesn’t hesitate to honor all the military men and women who served our country well.

There are veterans who are being taxed to the point where they must sell their lifelong home where we lived the better years of our lives.

Most veterans are too proud to complain because we have pride. I myself am 86 years old and a Korean War veteran.

I was taught by my mother as a child to speak up and act against any unpleasant situation that affected me or others.

Maybe this advice should be taught to our children today instead of promoting children into believing they should get a college degree so they can make more money.

With winter coming the coldest months will require $600 to $700 a month for heating oil. Many of our Social Security checks are less than $1,000 a month. For me to take $1,536 from my heating oil savings to pay taxes, which I recently did, is depriving me of almost three months of heating oil this coming winter.

I call shots like I see them and in no way do I approve how things are being done in the state of Pennsylvania.

I think it’s time for everyone to wake up and smell the roses while they are still blooming. These continual tax increases are near-sighted by our elected officials from school board members all the way up to the governor and Legislature in Pennsylvania.

Could it be that some of the 30 sheriff’s sales advertised in the newspaper on July 12, 2019, might be retired citizens who must scrape the bottom of the barrel just to exist because we are unfairly taxed?

How about when a professional basketball player recently signed a five-year contract with the Philadelphia 76ers for $170 million? He shouldn’t have any trouble paying his school or property taxes.