That’s still why



It makes me feel good that someone other than my wife reads my letters. In response to a recent response letter:

r I agree, there are many preferable alternatives to taking another human life, but when you outlaw abortion they mostly don’t happen. We’ve done this before and the number of abortions didn’t go down. The only thing that happened was that more women died. Telling young girls that if they didn’t have sex they wouldn’t get pregnant is like telling me that if I didn’t eat so much I wouldn’t get fat.

r In many cases you won’t recognize the “nut behind the gun” until he or she starts shooting and that loaded revolver on the table might mind its own business until the grandkids come to visit and one of them shoots the other one. There were a lot of good reasons that the old mental hospitals were closed down. There are procedure’s by which a mentally ill person can be detained until professionals certify that he isn’t a danger to himself or others but first you have to identify the danger. Hammers, rocks and even cars aren’t designed to kill people. They serve other useful purposes and generally can’t kill dozens of people in a few minutes.

r I have no doubt that some asylum requests are being abused, possibly even most of them, but you can’t tell unless you have a hearing. I seriously doubt that someone leaving their home and walking a thousand miles to get here are in it for the benefits. There really aren’t that many benefits for undocumented residents. Obama concentrated on deporting people with crimes beyond just an illegal entry, Trump is targeting families without regard to how they have acted.

r Prior to the Civil War the economy of the south was based on exporting cotton harvested by slaves. Even if you didn’t own slaves your way of life depended on someone owning them so the cotton could get picked. While there have been claims of other issues the only real issue in the civil war was slavery. As to the Yankee elites owning slaves, slavery had been illegal north of the Mason Dixon line for more than 50 years when the war started (New Jersey was the last in 1804).

r I don’t pretend to know what took place between Bill and Lynch on the airport tarmac, but that is meaningless. Hillary lost and is back to playing with her grandkids. As to Comey being an ally, he probably did almost as much to elect Trump as Putin did. The FBI was investigating people on Trumps campaign as Russian agents for a couple of years before the Steele Dossier came to them and nothing in the Dossier has ever been disproved. If you can’t bring yourself to read the report, watch it on TV , you might be surprised.