The importance of unity in America


Lock Haven

I am a Democrat and an American. I did not support Stephanie Borowitz during the election for Pennsylvania’s 76th District House seat, but she won and is now my representative.

This is how our democracy works and I respect her victory. I believe that people in both parties are also Americans, and though we all have differing opinions about policies, we all love our country.

As an American I believe that everyone is entitled to their own views and everyone is entitled to speak their minds.

What I do not believe in is racism, hate and exclusion.

As a constituent of 76th District here in Central Pennsylvania, I believe my representative, Stephanie Borowitz, has an obligation to represent Republicans, Democrats, Independents and others and to fight for American ideals upon which this country was founded; those of freedom, respect for others and unity of all citizens.

These ideals do not include hate of our fellow Americans.

On May 7, 2019, Rep. Borowitz attended a “Rally to Protect the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”

I absolutely agree that every American has this right; it is such an important right that our Founding Fathers included it in the Constitution.

I agree that Rep. Borowitz was acting appropriately by attending that rally. At the rally a selfie was taken with members of the American Guard. If she did not know the true nature of this group, that is one thing. But upon learning that this is an extremist hate group that is comprised of white nationalists and white supremacists, she should have denounced them. While this group has the right to attend this rally, it is irresponsible for Rep. Borowitz to show her support for a group that spreads hatred.

As an American, Rep. Borowitz’s behavior concerns me. Because of that I contacted her office to schedule a meeting with her to discuss my concerns and get a better understanding of her position. I realize she is a very busy person and so I made myself available any time that was convenient for her. Three times since May I set appointments, and three times she cancelled at the last minute. I believe that my elected representative, who represents all the people in her district, not just Republicans, is trying to avoid meeting with me.

I am a taxpayer, voter and have lived and worked in this district for over 40 years. I have been represented by Republicans and Democrats in that time, but have never had my elective representative refuse to meet with me.


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