Interesting letter in a recent edition of the local newspaper. The letter writer questions the values of the secular members of our society’s views on man-made global warming-climate change because of their quest to allow abortion.

Does he not know or understand one has nothing to do with the other?

Secular people have values, morals and ethics. Secular does not mean atheism. Secular people can have faith in religion and a belief in science.

You are not more religious or moral because of your disbelief in science. Secular people do not have need for a precondition to do good deeds or to behave good. There are atheists who are good people and do good deeds every day. The difference is they are not doing them to get into Heaven, but you are.

Global warming is about evidence and science. How you respond to global warming speaks to your values.

Is global warming good or is it evil?

Do you think destroying our environment is God’s will?

You decide. I for one do not need religion to make that decision.