When is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway dedication?


White Hall

Rep. Stephanie Borowicz’ crew was told they needed to be the people to order the required signs for the memorial highway dedication because after six months not one person in their offices apparently bothered to call the PennDOT to ask what the hold up was.

Now the dedication is July 17?

I have yet to see one article about it in any local newspaper.

I have not heard about it on any TV news shows.

Why wait until the last minute?

Is it to ensure the man responsible for it does not get the recognition he deserves for doing this for veterans before leaving office?

Is it because she doesn’t have people in her staff who care about veterans issues?

So far as I know, in all this time in office she still has not, as of a few weeks ago, visited the Miles Township Veterans Monument to see what I believe are errors that need corrected.

When exactly is the dedication?

Where is it to be held?

Who will the speakers be and who from Pennsylvania government will attend?

What veterans groups will be in attendance and were they even invited?

What is the problem and why all the stalling?

Rep. Mike Hanna always did follow up and made sure veterans issues were taken care of as soon as he was notified.

This project has been on hold long enough. Why the hold-up?