A tribute to Martena Rogers


North Bend

This is a tribute to a very strong willed woman, Martena Rogers, who spent her life sharing her love for music and theater.

She brought so much joy to our community working with the Community Choir with Bucktail theatrical presentations, teaching, Bucktail Band and Millbrook.

She helped to open up a new world, to the young and old, giving them the experience and the chance to express the gifts they didn’t feel they had.

She opened their eyes to music and theater.

She lived a full life around her God given talent, she blossomed and bloomed with every life she shared and touched with the love of music.

Even with the years she fought cancer, she still put herself out there to bring joy. Even when she felt her worst.

She brightened the lives of others with her beautiful warm smile and her caring and humble loving ways.

I’m sure when God took her home he had special plans for her to continue to fill and share her love of arts.

She may be working with his heavenly angels, as they sing of the Glory of God.

For in a way, Martena Rogers was an angel in her own right.

She will be missed by many friends and those lives she touched through the years.

God has embraced her with his care and her suffering is no more.

May she continue to spread her wings always for the love of music.


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