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Best kept secret



I recently had a visit from my grandchildren from out of state.

During their visit we had some very hot days, too hot to be outside … or so we thought.

Then a friend recommended the McElhattan playground.

Who knew?

That is the best kept secret of southern Clinton County. There were plenty of activities and equipment for all of them- from one year old thru seven and the best part was the refreshing shade that made the equipment safe (not hot to the touch).

The kids loved it and so did grandma. Tucked between the firehouse and the new ball field, if you haven’t discovered this park with your kids, it is worth the drive.

Alzheimers contributions


Lock Haven

Our heartfelt thanks to those who helped make the 2019 Lock Haven Alzheimer’s Campaign a great success.

Our efforts joined those of people from around the world who contributed to The Longest Day.

Among our team members: County workers, Covenant UMC congregation, Avenue 209 cafe, Potter’s Palette, Friends Making Art and Memories, Leo’s, and many individuals.

Funds raised went to the Covenant Cafe, a twice monthly meeting at Covenant UMC for people with Alzheimer’s, their family and caregivers and anyone who wants to know more about Alzheimer’s. Also, the Caregivers’ Support Group (meets monthly at Susque-View) that enables people who take care of friends or family with the disease to meet monthly to learn from and support each other.

Also, The Greater Pennsylvania Chapter of Alzheimer’s Association.

Look for our campaign next year and join us!

Had Enough? No. 10


Pine Creek

On Oct. 24, 2012, the Clinton County Prison Board suspends prison Warden Tom Duran with pay.

Clinton County President Judge J. Michael Williamson objected to the suspension stating the change in prison management was not warranted as the prison was being effectively managed.

On Nov. 24, 2012, the contract of Warden Duran expires and it is not renewed.

In December of 2012, the Prison Board unanimously approves to elevate Jackie Motter to the position of warden.

Then in June of 2015, the Prison Board fires Warden Motter and names Commissioner Jeff Snyder as acting warden.

Now the former warden, Mr. Duran had initiated a suit against the county commissioners.

Duran contended that he was fired as a result of retaliation in violation of the Family Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act for age discrimination.

On July 6, 2019, federal Judge Christopher Conner ruled on matters for the upcoming jury trial scheduled for Aug. 12, 2019.

Along with other ruling, Judge Conner determined to allow evidence of Commissioner Jeff Snyder’s alleged disciminatory animus.

This case was settled on Aug. 1, 2019.

Serious questions arise:

1. Is this settlement being hidden from the public? We have yet to hear from the county commissioners or the media on this matter.

2. What is total settlement amount, including attorney fees? How many tax dollars have the commissioners spent, thus far, defending themselves?

3. Where will this money come from? Is there county insurance to cover it?

4. Was there alleged discriminatory animus on the part of Snyder? If so, will he be held accountable for that? Will anyone at the county be held accountable?

To close, if the commissioners are not held accountable then we can assume that the taxpayers will be the folks penalized in having to pay for it all.

Will this ever be revealed to the public?

Or will the settlement amount be hidden in some obscure line item marked as “other?”

Have you had enough?

E. coli


Pleasant Gap

I am curious if any E. coli reports have been issued from your local hospital.

I called UPMC Susquehanna Lock Haven Hospital but didn’t get any definitive answer.

The reason is my husband was just released from Mount Nittany Medical Center because of an E. coli infection.

Looking back at the time-frame of when he first got sick he had eaten roast beef sandwiches from a restaurant in Clinton County.

Coincidentally, a young woman we know who is from Lock Haven got sick about the same time and is still ill.

She had eaten at the same place.

I have suggested to her to have a blood culture to determine if she has E. coli. These illnesses first occurred around July 21 or so.

(Editor’s Note: A UPMC spokesperson said the health system “has not heard of any concern locally at our hospitals and we have not been advised of a food borne illness outbreak from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or Department of Health (DOH). The CDC and DOH would be the two public health organizations that would issue any kind of warning or notice of such incidents.”)


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