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Duran settlement

& Amish horse manure

Harlan Berger


The lawsuit between Tom Duran, former warden of the county Correctional Facility, and the county was apparently settled August 1, and we have heard nothing about the terms. Amazing, since this paper has printed stories of the long-running suit over his firing.

Now nothing and the suit was filed in the Williamsport federal court.

We’ll have to make some assumptions. Mr. Duran must have won a large award, given the multi-year time span and probable loss of pension as well as income. We can assume this since the county isn’t talking about winning.

Earlier this month, Michael Remick asked about the source of the settlement payment, wondering about “insurance.” That must have been tongue-in-cheek. Rest assured, taxpayers will ultimately shoulder the burden as we always do when our elected officials misfire.

Another story seems vastly incomplete as well. In reporting the horse manure outrages of the Elimsport area Amish, nothing was said about asking Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, that champion of the environment, to assess the situation. This subject is one she could get her teeth into, as she’s called for the abolition of cow flatulence by getting rid of cattle. This is brilliant, and leads naturally to the diapering of the state’s thousands of deer and bear.

Or driving them into pens near state parks, where their manure could be collected and fed into methane digesters. These could generate electricity or heat state offices.

Invite her here.

Let’s never forget



I am forwarding President Trump a copy of Andrew P. Napolitano’s excellent opinion piece entitled, “A few words about guns and personal liberty.” President Trumps lips once uttered these words, “no more gun control legislation.”

I hope he remembers and vetoes any legislation that violates our 2nd amendment, like Universal Background Checks,(gun registration),Red Flag Laws, (gun confiscation), and banning semi-automatic rifles and large magazines, (rights infringement).

He may become another one term president if he fails to read the lips of millions of gun owners whose constitutional rights are being violated, because of criminals who ignore the 22,000 local, state, and federal gun control laws.

Thomas Jefferson stated, “No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms. What country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance.” James Madison was right when he said, “The advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, forms a barrier against the enterprise of ambition.” Our socialistic representatives should be mindful of America’s 100 million gun owners who possess 350 million firearms, 16 million of those are semi-automatic rifles, 20 million citizens with concealed carry permits, and 16 states that allow constitutional carry, (no permits required).

Millions of Chinese were murdered by Mao Zedong, their leader who stated, “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, and the gun must never be allowed to dominate their party.” Our Founders provided Americans with the 2nd amendment that enumerates the supremacy of “people power” which also grows out of the barrel of a gun, and the danger, where there is any, according to Joes Barlow’s political writings, is only to government, not to society.

Americans should never forget! Our government agencies, FBI, BATF, and the military with tanks and banned CS gas, shot, gassed and cremated 82 Branch Davidians, including 23 children, in their religious compound at Waco, Texas, in 1993, over “alleged” child abuse, drugs and firearm violations. Americans have to awaken! Sheriffs are refusing to obey confiscation orders under the Red Flag Laws because they are unconstitutional and present a danger to themselves and the accused when enforced. Townships are becoming gun sanctuaries by refusing to comply with unconstitutional firearm laws.

Gun owners by the millions in N.Y., Cal. and Conn. have refused to register their semi-automatic rifles to prevent them from being banned later and then confiscated. Remember! George Washington defied England’s registering, banning, and confiscation of the Colonists firearms by stating, “A free people ought to be armed.”

United in recovery


Camp Hill

I recently attended a 2-day training provided by the Camp Hill Police Department and the PA National Guard Northeast Counterdrug Training Center entitled “High in Plain Sight- You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know.” The class was facilitated by Officer Jermaine Galloway, “The Tall Cop,” who is a nationally recognized authority on drug and alcohol trends. He has provided education for over 100,000 attendees nationwide.

Officer Galloway prefaces his remarks by stating that if you “think” you know about marijuana, you can forget it. Boy, was he right! As someone who was on the fence about legalized recreational marijuana- after all, it will be regulated- my opinion shifted a full 360 after the first day of training.

First of all, the pot that folks smoked “back in the day” was about 3% pure. Marijuana bought on the street today is about 15% pure, and sometimes “enhanced” with other substances, even fentanyl. If you go to a dispensary in a state with legal pot, you will see the concentration as the amount of THC in the marijuana. Bud (dried weed) is typically in the 22-28% range of purity. Some forms, like waxes, oils, and concentrates can be up to 90% pure. Most are over 50% and include edible products and vape oils.

Besides that, there are different strains of marijuana that produce different effects: Indica (sometimes referred to as “in da couch”) produces just that type of feeling- you don’t want to get off the couch. Sativa, on the other hand, works as a stimulant and can mimic the effects of methamphetamine. Hybrid strains combine both.

Law enforcement agencies are reporting what is now known as “greening out,” or overdosing on marijuana. In addition to the health issues associated with legal pot, there are numerous “unintended consequences” that take the form of criminal activity, accidents, increased traffic in emergency departments, increased use of other substances, mental issues like depression and anxiety, and the list goes on.

Then there are the vapes and Juuls. These inhalant products are marketed toward youth, infused with flavors like cotton candy and pina colada. While a Juul pod cannot contain more than .3% THC, there are ways of getting around it. Juul brand pods are supposedly incompatible with the pods containing THC. Enter the PAX brand pod, which can be used with THC pods. Not so coincidentally, both brands are produced by the same company.

Talk about CBDs, or cannabidiols. These products are available just about everywhere and are completely unregulated, meaning a 10-year old can go into a convenience store and buy them. These “supplements” claim to cure everything from cancer to depression. However, because they are not regulated in any way, there is no proof to back up these assertions. Lacking oversight, you cannot be sure what is actually in the CBD.

This is but a sample of the information presented by Officer Galloway. My point in bringing it to your attention is that we do not know what we think we know about marijuana and other substances. I highly recommend this training to law enforcement personnel, elected officials, medical professionals, educators, parents, the general public…everyone!

The Republic and the people



South Williamsport

The letter of July 27, “The Electoral College,” quotes Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on government of, by, and for the people, and it cites the Constitution’s formidable first words, We the People. The writer means by this to denounce the Electoral College for being undemocratic, whereas apparently “we the people” and America are.

First, consider the Electoral College. With obvious reference to Trump’s Electoral victory, the writer says, “It is difficult for an individual to lead a nation so [democratically] conceived when the majority of voters opposed his election.” Lincoln would have appreciated that sentiment in 1860. Lincoln won the Electoral College with only 39% — 39%! — of the popular vote. That’s 7% less than even Trump garnered! And, yes, Lincoln soon found himself leading a troubled nation after 11 states attempted to secede. We assume the writer doesn’t regret Lincoln’s presidency, which saved the Union and freed the slaves. Of course, if he does regret it, then it would be rather inconsistent of him to quote President Lincoln’s words which were read over the men who died for the Union. And if he doesn’t regret that 1860 Electoral election, then he should be thankful for the Electoral College at least some of the time, and he should say so. Indeed, all patriots should be openly thankful for America at least some of the time.

The rest of the time they should feel free — free! — to criticize America with the goal of its improvement, but not its perversion as the South did up to 1860, and as the neo-socialists and mean greens are doing now.

As for We the People, the writer portrays that phrase as meaning that America must be a democracy.

From someone who knows his factual history with the accuracy his letter displays, that’s glaringly inaccurate. We the People isn’t a statement of suffrage. If it were, then until 1920 We the People didn’t consider women to be humans. Imagine telling that to Abigail Adams and Betsy Ross!

In fact, We the People is the name of the source of the legitimacy of the United States. We the People revolutionarily means not the kings, not the aristocrats, and not the bishops and cardinals as in Europe and almost everywhere else. And that’s because America doesn’t derive its legitimacy from any royal line or state religion. Rather, America derives its justification from the entirety of its citizens, past, present, and future. Of course, that excludes foreigners, felons, illegal aliens, and the United Nations. And if that somehow sounds undemocratic to the modern ear, that’s good. America is a republic, and the president is elected by the Electoral College for the best of republican reasons, and for the good of the republic for which its flag stands.


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