Sobering thoughts



If you have ever been a sober person at a party, and listened to someone who was drunk, you would get some idea of how I felt while listening to the democratic debates.

The drunk at a party will not make any sense as they try to regale you with their nonsensical diatribe, which is no different than listening to the candidates vituperative rhetoric.

Since they have no new ideas to improve the status of the American people they resort to the only weapon of choice which is to slander the president as a racist, and in doing so accuse his supporters of being racists as well, the very same people of the United States they hope to govern.

When all you have is a hammer everything becomes a nail, and they are swinging that hammer wildly in the air at any so called nail they think they see!

Be careful, you will get hit if you agree with the president. And unless you are an incoherent drunk or a liberal, (I repeat myself) it is easy to see how much the fact that President Trump’s policies have vastly improved the lives of everyone in this country rich and especially poor alike, and how important it is that he gets to continue for another term!

This country was founded on a declaration of independence and established by the recognition that all men had inalienable (meaning: unable to be given away or taken away from by the possessor) rights!

These rights have been outlined in a Constitutional document, among which state the freedoms guaranteed to the people limiting the governmental powers not by limiting the peoples powers!

And yet, the platform of the democratic candidates is to seduce the uninformed and ungrateful from those rights and freedoms, to become indentured servants to the government.

Can you look after yourself, and be responsible for yourself, or do you need the government to run the details of your life?

Do you have the freedom to try and fail and try and succeed, or do you need the government to determine the bounds of your efforts?

Is the American dream the fact that you can achieve your highest goals, or that you will only do as you are told? What freedoms are you willing to give away? Gun rights? Free speech? Presumption of innocence?

So far, those have been only some of the platforms of the power intoxicated democrats! Soon the drunken party is coming to an end, and they are all wanting to drive the car and take you where they want you to go.

Sober people do not let drunk people drive. It is up to you to make sure they do not get the keys in their condition.


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