A BEE-autiful city!


Mill Hall

On Sept. 13 I read an article called, “Veterans with PTSD, anxiety turn to beekeeping for relief,” by Michael Casey and Mike Householder. I think it would be awesome if Lock Haven University started something like this.

A butterfly and bee garden would be something neat to add to the city, now wouldn’t it?

I thought of some catchy names such as “Let it Bee.” Educational material could be placed around the garden to educate visitors on reasons why bees shouldn’t be killed by people who are afraid of them.

I just thought it was a nice article and I’m always thinking of ways that our city could improve.

Someone “Expressed themselves” earlier this week and said how our city is a shame compared to cities like Lewisburg and it made me a little sad.

But then it really opened my eyes.

A lot of people are offended by those black trash cans around town and other things like the PennDOT vs. City road fight, the “raceway” through our downtown streets and how Main Street should be changed into a two-way street.

The list goes on but long story short … we need to all come together to improve our city. It doesn’t happen overnight but if we have more Positive Polly’s and less Negative Nancy’s, then maybe we can one day BE a BEE-AUTIFUL city!


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