A senior’s answer to a young mother



I read your letter, Elaine (Sept. 21, Americans, what have we become?), and I was glad to see a young person speak up about the deportation process that the POTUS has put in place.

We have elected someone who I believe cares little about the problems of our country.

He thinks that, in having a strong economy that helps rich people, he has done a great job.

But he is not the only to blame.

We are to blame, as are the Electoral College, Republican and Democratic parties and our representatives in Congress.

For his tenure as president I have written our senators and representatives. They do nothing because they haven’t the spine to speak up about what is going on.

There is an answer to the border issue and it is this: The Republicans and Democrats must work together to solve it.

The POTUS needs to be reigned in. We need to keep speaking out through the media. We need to write letters to our representatives and we need to talk to each other.

But the best thing we can do is to VOTE!

Vote for your person.

Vote against the person who did nothing to make our world better.

And hopefully, no one’s child gets put in cages and is refused humane treatment.