Short story about bullies and school shooting … my view … about 62 years ago.

I can still remember the name-calling and snickers from some of the boys (sports players) on our school bus, and the look on their faces when my sister and I got on our school bus. It is why I will never ever go to any school reunion or anything connected with Lock Haven High School.

It was a good school, but getting there was not good.

I can to this day tell you their names.

We were very poor but we did have feelings.

I can understand how these kids who shoot up schools feel. They have had enough and the parents of these little bullies come to their defense and say “my child would never do that.”

Well, they do do that and the children being bullied cannot forget their torture.

Every one will say that was over 60 years ago, however, I remember it like it WAS yesterday and the tears of my sister to this day.

I want to slap the snot out of these so-called sports heroes.

They certainly were not heroes to me or my sister.


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