Bullying in our schools


Lock Haven

Bullying is going on in our schools all the time, but what school does something?

Teachers can even be close to bullying. I’ve seen it. I worked for Keystone Central School District for 37 years from kindergarten to sixth grade. I loved it, both student and staff.

Where is the teacher or principal? On one occasion I told the teacher two little girls were picking on each other and this was his reply: “They are little (sic) now and when they grow up they will be little (sic) too.” And another little student was yelled at in front of the whole class for taking something that did not belong to her.

What would you call this? I have worked with teachers that do control this.

We have a lot of wonderful teachers. This is just two of many.

Stay out of the teachers lounge. Teachers were talking about one student, the student happened to be one of my relatives but they didn’t know that.

The child I’m talking about goes to middle school. Last year she was an honor roll student. This year she is being bullied all the time. She wants to change schools. But what can she do just stay, be home schooled or attend Sugar Valley Charter School?

This isn’t all that happened. She went into the restroom and found this on the wall “kill yourself (name).” What a shock to a student.

Whoever wrote this on the wall I consider them lower than a snake in the grass.

Sooner or later the truth will come, written on the wall. I hope it haunts them for the rest of their life.

We have a lot of students at the middle school that are really great students. But there is always a rotten one in the group.

When I went to school, a long, long time ago, it was better then. We didn’t have the bullying then as we do now.

We were taught to respect our teachers and other students. Our teachers did everything. They had no janitors.

They went into a cold classroom, made a fire, cleaned the floor and bathrooms. I don’t know who mowed the grass. They still have a fountain outside of the old Mackeyville School. Third grade we moved up. Everything was done by a janitor. I’ve seen it all.

As for the bullying, more has got to be done. Suspend a student for days or go to the police.

This can be done. I have heard of it.

Parents, how would you feel if this were your child? I’ve witnessed what a child does in school that you don’t know about until you are told.

Please, teach your child to respect other students’ feelings.

I thank God I was taught that value from childhood to adulthood. If anyone knows anything about bullying please tell your school principal, your teacher or even the superintendent.

I could write a lot more but that is all for this.


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