College socialism




Millennial’s infatuation with socialism is the latest strange fashion in American politics. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the archival proofs of Stalin’s monstrosities and present-day conditions in Venezuela, being fond of socialism is like dating a convicted sex offender.

One explanation for this strange taste is the non-education that most young Americans receive for 12 years in history and civics.

And, then, when they go to college, where most humanities professors are liberals or leftists, they’re taught America is great only for the magnitude of its evils.

And then, of course, the liberal media repeats this mantra every day.

Therefore young Americans have heard almost nothing favorable about free markets, hard work, compensated success, low taxes, and government getting out of their lives.

But we think there’s a deeper reason behind the current college infatuation with socialism.

Typical college students now spend the first 20 years of their lives indulging themselves and being indulged.

They don’t come from families with family farms, small shops, or home businesses where they profitably worked hard to help the family out.

Instead, they lived leisure lives interrupted at most by part-time summer jobs. And even what they earned then wasn’t turned over to their parents, but was blown on electronics and clothes.

Of course, there is an exception to all children in the past having worked. Aristocratic children spent their young years in studies, sports, arts, and play. And that’s exactly what the typical modern college student does in childhood today.

In other words, America’s college students are being unwittingly raised as aristocrats by their hard working middle class parents who are conscientious citizens of a republic. With a preening high self-esteem, their children have lived their entire young lives for free while centering their uneconomic concerns around themselves.

And so in college they become socialists. Socialism might seem contradictory for an aristocrat’s soft self-sensibility.

After all, socialism is for rough factory workers and hard illiterate masses. But these students are acting reasonably. They lived their formative teen years during Obama’s economic stagnation when Obama himself proclaimed the American economy to have permanently peaked.

That error has since been exposed by the great Trump recovery.

But even with jobs now readily available, these young adults must now confront years of hard work to rise up to the free and easy lifestyles of their first 20 years. In fact, they can expect to work for 40 or 50 years before they can live in complete leisure again. It’s called old age and retirement!

But socialism tells them they can start living the rest of their lives for free right now. And their college loans will be forgiven, too!

And so they click on “Socialism” just like they click on social media contracts. They don’t read the fine print in the social contracts which allows their information to be shared.

And they don’t read the fine print in the socialist agreements which allows their liberties to be transferred to the Ministry of the People’s Central Freedom Command. If enough of these soft and thoughtless students click on socialist candidates at election time and elect Congressional majorities and a president in their selfish search for the free and easy life, the fine print will come home to roost for us all.

Meanwhile, the solution to this problem is simple. After all their years of expensive education, these collegiate types need to get an education.

Fortunately classes are always offered and tuition is free.

It’s called the college of reality.