Had enough? No. 13


Pine Creek

Let us examine and study Clinton County demographics, facts and trends.

1. KCSD enrollment has declined every year since 1971 when enrollment was at 8,400 students. In July of this year, enrollment showed 3,755, a loss of 4,645 students.

2. In 2010 the enrollment at Lock Haven University was 5,451 students. Today, the LHU campus here has 3,165 students, according to its enrollment figures.

3. For decades, industry doors have been closed and locked, our hard-working citizens were thrown out of work.

4. Today, 1 out of 2 hard-working citizens travel outside of our county to go to work.

5. Our youth continue to leave from here in order to find work and to get their start.

6. Keystone Central School District taxes continue to explode due – I believe – to waste and “feathering their own nests.”

7. Likewise county goverment, due to expansion, poor decisions and waste.

8. Our population is aging; many citizens are retired.

9. Many senior citizens are overwhelmed with these dreadful taxes.

10. Keystone Central ranks No. 430 in Pennsylvania academically. Our neighbors in the Jersey Shore School District are ranked 283 positions higher than KCSD at #147.

11. By all accounts, “The influx” continues to come here.

12. By all accounts, so now do the illegals.

Keystone Central is losing on average 94 students each year since 1971. Projecting just 10 years out, KCSD will lose 940 more students. Is that what you want?

What does the future here hold for your children? Your grandchildren?

What about you, KCSD?

Nine-hundred, forty less students will likely lose 50 more jobs to you. How will you maintain all of your bureaucracy?

Are you going to keep pounding away at our citizens and our seniors with even greater taxes? Will more schools be closed?

Are you thinking ahead or busy maintaining the status quo and “feathering your own nests?”

I love Clinton County and the people in it. Here is my history and my heritage.

We have what it takes to succeed and to prosper. There are good people here and they deserve and have earned much better than this.

The purpose of “Had Enough” is to shine a very strong light onto these politicians and bureaucrats in order to hold them accountable.

I will continue to do so. Folks, maybe you ought to consider doing the same.

Have you had enough?


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