Had Enough? No. 15


Pine Creek

I submit that the Clinton County commissioners were intentionally trying to keep their settlement with the former warden, Tom Duran, from you.

The matter was settled on Aug. 1.

The commissioners never uttered a sound about it.

Neither did the media.

My letter to the editor, “Had Enough? No. 10,” was published in The Express on Aug. 14 giving the facts to you.

Jeff Snyder, a decades-long politician, is now going about doing what he always does, trying to keep his office. He wants to keep his power.

That’s right folks, Snyder, of the alleged discriminatory animus wants your vote.

This, while nobody at the county is held accountable. Instead, you will be penalized. That’s right, folks. The $350,000 to settle the suit and pay all of the attorneys will be coming out of your pocketbooks.

The commissioners allegedly discriminated. Snyder allegedly had a discriminatory animus. You shell out the money. Now, Snyder wants your vote.

At a public meeting at the county, I stated that Snyder is not fit to hold his office. I told Snyder to resign from it.

For me, I have had enough.

In November, you may cast a vote and decide for yourselves.


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