Is CPR training mandatory?



On Aug. 20, 2019, I read an article in The (Lock Haven) Express about bus drivers taking CPR and first aid training.

In my opinion, this is long over due.

Also, it would be nice if school teachers in any school district take CPR and first aid training.

In fact, it should be mandatory for any school to take CPR and first aid training.

If school teachers did not receive this training, my question is why?

At this day and age you never know, someone you know might need CPR and first aid.

(Editor’s Note: The Express reached out to Keystone Central and the district issued this statement: “The district partnered with UPMC this year to train all bus drivers and district building assistants. Teachers are not required to be trained in CPR, however, training is offered as professional development. There is a requirement under specific funding sources that in order to bill for reimbursement from the state, the individuals must be CPR certified.”)


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