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Lock Haven

I do not share Mr. Michael Remick’s apparent belief (“Had enough, No. 14,” The Express, Sept. 14) that if it’s in U.S. News and Report it must be true.

Its ranking of high schools is highly skewed to focus mainly on the college-readiness of pupils in noticeably diverse student populations. It could have compared spending per pupil, amount of state aid received, teacher-pupil ratio, overall size of student body or any number of other measures, but didn’t.

However, none of them would have told us the only thing that matters, which is how many of our kids leave school with the academic and social skills necessary for them to lead productive and fulfilling lives, whatever goals they may choose for themselves.

That said, let me offer another statistic that may be of interest to Mr. Remick since his other hobby is squawking incessantly about crippling rates of local taxation.

Here is his list of high schools showing the tax millage rate levied by their respective school districts:

Lewisburg – 17.71

Loyalsock – 14.67

Hughesville – 14.38

Montoursville – 15.70

Warrior Run – 68.37 ( in Northumberland County)

Jersey Shore – 18.29

Montgomery – 15.21

Muncy – 16.72

Penns Valley – 24.05*

Williamsport – 16.89

S Williamsport – 16.78

Bald Eagle Area – 29.50*

Bellefonte – 25.10*

Bucktail – 13.52

Wellsboro – 18.69

Central Mountain – 13.52

*Published rate adjusted to account for Centre County’s assessment ratio.

And, finally – The number of letters listing complaints and criticisms published by Mr. Remick: 14

Effective remedies offered by Mr. Remick for these complaints and criticisms: Had enough yet?


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