Publisher’s discretion questionable


White Hall

I question the reasons for the publishing of some of the letters to the editor that readers submit and that are selected by those in charge at The (Lock Haven) Express.

The letters run the gauntlet from family problems to God.

When did a letters to the editor section take care of family issues or print religious beliefs and let people criticize one another opening in the newspaper?

Many of the letters submitted are the kind that appear in tabloids.

I have written letters about veterans issues, a Monument that I believe is historically incorrect, a highway that a local politician took all the credit for naming and did not even give credit to the person that ask him to do the project, and not one of those letters ever gets published?

I doubt this letter will get published because I believe the people in charge at the newspaper don’t care about the news and want to print a tabloid.

In my opinion, it’s time to get back to only letters to the editor and away from all of what I call tabloid-typle opinions being admitted.

(Editor’s Note: The Express Yourself feature on the opinion-editorial page is a forum for people to express their opinions and views on issues and events.)


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