Republic or Democracy?



So are we a Republic or a Democracy?

People who argue for Republic often quote Ben Franklin, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Several Founding Fathers said our new government is a representative democracy or democracy, they were John Addams, George Tucker, Thomas Jefferson, Noah Webster, Supreme Court Justice James Wilson and Chief Justice John Marshall.

So why write about this? It because of the argument for and against the Electoral College. The Electoral College is not now as the Founders had intended in the Article II section I of the Constitution.

Why was it change after four national elections with the addition of the 12th Amendment? Simply put it is because of the rise of political parties which is funny because the Founders were against political parties while at the same time developing them and was also one of the reasons they developed the original Electoral College. The Electoral College is no longer a buffer for small states or a buffer for rural areas or the prevention of a dictator.

The Electoral College is all about political party, it is not about the Republic or Democracy or representation or the people.

We the citizens elect representatives to both houses of our legislature.

We the citizens elect our governors and state legislatures and some states elect their judges. No Tyrants because we have three separate branches of government that keep a check on each other. Rural gets as much of a vote as the large cities.

Yet here we are still yoked to a system for the selection of President and Vice President that does not reflect the choice of the voters but of political party.

A Republic is not about political party nor is a representative democracy so why is our Electoral College?


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