Let me get this straight. A recent letter states that the Democrats want to start impeachment on President Trump because of his mouth. While alarming it is not the truth, they are not starting it because of his mouth.

One House committee is looking into impeachment proceedings against President Trump. House Speaker Pelosi says they have to wait for the courts before the House can take it to the floor. So some Democrats are in fact starting impeachment but will it happen? Right now that looks uncertain. For one thing they are going to have a hard time convincing Trump loyalists in Congress that he needs to be impeached.

The same letter warns Democrats when they regain control they will be placed under a microscope. They are under a microscope from the opposition even when they are not in control. All people in political positions are under a microscope especially when they are connected to failure and/or wrong doing.

Neither party likes their dirty laundry aired, especially on prime time or the front page.

The letter also states that no one likes to be told what to do or how to live their lives. I believe the implication is that Democrats only do this but so do Republicans. Republicans have no problem telling Democrats what they should be doing.

What does the writer think laws, codes, rules, guidelines are doing? What do think your religion does? What do you think people advising you are doing?

They all tell you what to do and how you are suppose to live your life. People purchase self help books. People may not like being told what to do but they sure do seek answers from others on how to live their lives. Just take a good look at your social media.

The letter states that Democrats need to be prepared for retaliation if they continue putting President Trump through this. You think it is because we lost to a businessman. Personally I think the Republicans are in for retaliation for their continued support of President Trump. I think that because there is a growing backlash from conservative Republicans against the Republican party and their blind spot when it comes to President Trump and it is not because of his mouth or tweets.

It is because of what he has done as President.

Time will tell.