I am by amused letters asking President Trump to ban “assault-style weapons” (whatever that means), and “institute good national red flag laws” (whatever that means).

I would ask the letter writers if they are gun owners and why they think they have a “cure” for mass shootings in this country?

They want to ban the equipment used by bad people. Will that work?

If banning equipment works, will they support banning cell phones since each year thousands of young people die in vehicle crashes due to texting while driving?

Why are rifles, which the FBI says accounted for about 1,500 murders in 2017, more deadly than cell phones?

First, “assault-style” refers to cosmetics such as a black plastic stock, pistol grip, barrel shroud, etc. Style in no way defines lethality. Why is an ugly gun a reason to disarm honest gun owners?

My favorite, a Browning Sweet 16 shotgun, is semi-automatic and functions exactly as an ugly semi-automatic AR-15.

My shotgun was made in 1939 and my Stevens 15-shot semi-auto .22 rifle was made in 1940.

If I put my 16 gauge or .22 rifle into a plastic stock with a pistol grip, would they call it an “assault-style weapon?”

What changed?

I hope any “Red Flag” laws, which deny due process for gun owners, work better than the “epidemic” of Protection From Abuse (PFA) orders seizing husbands’ guns routinely advised by divorce lawyers for spouses in divorce disputes to enhance the wife’s leverage in child custody and support negotiations.

All Americans have a right to face their accusers.

A disgruntled neighbor or family relative should not have a means to set the police on a SWAT raid on a target of their hostility. When in doubt, follow the Constitution.