Downward spiral



A recent letter writer seems bitter about God and country. But it is nice to live in a nation with freedom of speech and to say whatever you want about it without the threat of prison or execution.

Our Founders were good men who did great things but they were imperfect humans just like the rest of us. They were going against the greatest military in the world at that time.

These very brave men, including our commander-in-chief, General George Washington, if captured by the British could have been executed as traitors. But God intervenes in the affairs of men and nations.

The immorality, adultery, discrimination and slavery have been with mankind for thousands of years. Murder, stealing and lying have been as well. These are all known as “sin.”

The Israelites were slaves in Egypt thousands of years ago until God called a man named Moses to deliver them from bondage. And the first African slave ships arrived in the Colonies in 1619, by Britain. Unfortunately the war to end slavery would have to wait for another time and another imperfect human, Abraham Lincoln.

There are people who attend religious services but that doesn’t make them any better or worse than others. God doesn’t look at the outside of a person.

He looks at the heart.

Those whom God loves He chastises. Look around the country at what is happening–lawlessness, drug overdoses, the senseless shootings of innocent people, political hatred, the silencing of free speech on college campuses, the murders of babies unborn, the tearing down of our nation’s history, and every type of sexual perversion imaginable.

“We the People” are losing our honor and humanity.

We are in a downward spiral from which we may never recover. There may come a time when our Republic will be just a shadow of what it once was.

Pariah countries like China, Russia and Iran are watching us. So is God.