Our police



Police are being murdered daily by criminals who are free on bail or released from jail after serving a short sentence.

Today there have been 31 police officers killed. When will the honorable American citizens begin to protest this, vigorously?

Anyone that commits murder must spend the rest of their lives in prison.

When will we wake up and realize that most murdered cops lose their lives and that their children have lost their father or mother?

We must set a law of “carry a gun during a crime and never be free again.” And if someone murdered; no release, out on bail, or taking years to answer for such horrendous acts.

Sadly, as it often happens, corrupt cops are reported more often than the good cops who are making a difference with kindness.

We must never judge cops by those few who are horrible human beings.

How often have we been criticized for judging others because of their differences, languages, or jobs?

Do police officers deserve not to be judged because of a few bad ones?

They ask for very little but respect and a thank you.

Please thank him or her for being so willing to place their life on the line for strangers.