Purdue should take responsibility



With respect to a recent newspaper article titled, “Victims of opioid epidemic gain a voice in lawsuit,” I would like to commend the author for giving this story a human connection by introducing those affected by the opiate crisis who will be a part of the bankruptcy committee in the lawsuit against Purdue.

I have heard many people in this area stating that this lawsuit should not be brought against Purdue and that people themselves are to blame for their own addiction.

While every person makes choices for themselves, according to an essay in the American Journal of Public Health, Purdue’s marketing of Oxycontin (an opioid medication) was unprecedented, with the manufacturer spending significantly more money than other companies on advertising and meetings between sales representatives and doctors.

This led to Oxycontin becoming the most prescribed opioid medication ever, even though it was no more effective than any other opioid medication on the market.

Sales representatives for Purdue were told to tell doctors that the chance of a patient becoming addicted to their medications was less than one percent, which was untrue.

This led doctors to prescribe this drug as they, and their patients, thought it was safe.

Many people have died as a result of addiction to this medication that they thought was safe.

Decisions regarding medication are usually made between an individual and a doctor, and both were misled by the marketing practices of Purdue.


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