‘Witch Hunt’ – Really?



Trump supporters have no clue as to the truth regarding the Biden situation because of the thousands of lies that Trump and his administration have spewed onto the American citizens.

If Trump supporters had watched a real news outlet other than the Fox network (which by the way is licensed as an entertainment network, not a news network) then they would have known that the previous investigation by the Ukraine government found NO improprieties or wrong doing by former Vice President Joe Biden or his son. Furthermore, the EU (European Union, for the Trump supporters who don’t know what that means) along with the past administration authorized Biden to take action against the corrupt individual for which Biden is now being accused of corrupt action.

I say the true corruption sits in the oval office on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Just look at how many of Trump’s inner-circle are in prison or awaiting trial.

Never in the history of our country has there been such corruption committed by the president of the U.S. and his gang. In fact his asking Ukraine and China to get dirt on Biden is again further proof of his corruption. So look no further than the Oval Office for real corruption.

Trump and his supporters have done so much damage to our country and to our foreign integrity that it will not be repaired in my lifetime or theirs, if ever.

Furthermore, I find it deplorable that Trump himself, has withheld much needed and already approved foreign aid to Ukraine because Trump knows that without foreign intervention, he will not be re-elected.

So please, for the sake of our country, Trump supporters listen to real news networks and not Trump’s fake news channel. If you do, you will have heard that the ex-Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan who now sits on the Fox Network Board, has suggested to the board that they “dump” Trump.

You know the real travesty here is not only the thousands of lies that the current president tells but that some American citizens actually believe those lies.

Thus the witch hunt was initiated by Trump on Biden – the real witch hunt!