Baby it’s cold outside



It may be a catchy holiday tune, but there is truth within its title.

With the holidays comes cold weather.

While we are all busy with the excitement of Thanksgiving and Christmas and gathering with family, we need to take a moment to remember our 4-legged family members — our animals.

With the 2017 Pennsylvania law stating that dogs cannot stay tethered outside in weather less than 32 degrees for more than 30 minutes, we also need to make sure that no animal is neglected or forgotten. Dogs, cats, and rabbits should not be subjected to bitter cold temperatures, inadequate shelter, and frozen water and food dishes. Imagine being exposed to cold weather for extended periods of time, and how you would fare.

Please remember that domestic rabbits are not the same as wild rabbits. They have no clue how to find shelter, how to forage for food, and how to stay warm. If a dog, cat, hawk, or car does not kill them, they will die a slow and needlessly painful death by starvation and freezing from exposure. No animal deserves to suffer.

I implore everyone to please be kind to your animals and to think of them during the cold winter months that are guaranteed to be upon us soon.

It’s the best gift you can give.


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