Be a ‘Doer’ not a ‘Watcher’



It’s been 18 years since I moved from Lock Haven, though I’ll always consider it a second home. I enjoy talking with friends who live in the area and keeping up with current happenings in Lock Haven and Clinton County through the news and social media. That’s how I stumbled upon a group belonging to self-appointed “Watchers” of Clinton County.

Basically, they’re people who criticize the local government, school districts, towns, and virtually anything else that’s shiny and catches their eye.

We’ve all seen groups like this on social media and most are benign little corners of the web, home to people who are content to sit back and complain about the decisions of others, but never actually do anything productive themselves.

While the “Watchers” certainly fit that description, what sets them apart is they have the audacity to do it under the guise of conservative politics.

They identify themselves as Republicans and imply that they speak for the rest of us.

In short, they do not. Their rambling, accusatory and borderline libelous posts are an embarrassment to true conservatives who actually work to make our communities better.

The main GOP platform is simple: We believe in a smaller, less intrusive government that is accountable to the people, who we believe must take responsibility for their own destiny. Citizens are empowered by our Constitution, we’re not victims, as virtually every “Watcher” post seems to imply.

I was particularly annoyed to read some of the comments about a friend of mine who’s a Clinton County employee and a Democrat.

The “Watchers” seem to be under the opinion that disagreeing with them is somehow a means of victimizing them, which is ironically the mindset of many Democrats in Washington.

Reading their posts felt like reading comments from AOC or Nancy Pelosi.

They also miss the fundamental difference between Washington-Harrisburg and local government.

The people serving on a local level are friends and neighbors who live in your community and share the same concerns.

Party politics doesn’t much matter when you’re dealing with things like fixing the streets, funding local police and fire departments, or keeping the schools safe and productive.

Don’t be a victim like these “Watchers” and put party affiliation over common sense and the best interests of the community.


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