Celebrating American Education Week



This Nov. 18-22 we will celebrate American Education Week, a great opportunity to appreciate the amazing public-school educators and support professionals who work hard every day to prepare our students for future success.

Our educators introduce students to the wonders of reading. They teach them to reason with numbers and explore the mysteries of science. They give up lunch and stay after school to give students the extra help they need.

During American Education Week, we also honor the many other people who help make our public schools great. From parents and grandparents to community leaders and entrepreneurs, you all play a critical role in building great public schools for our students.

The classroom is where students learn to think, solve problems, and cooperate with each other. These skills are critical in shaping the future of America. Thank you for being a part of it.

Your support makes all the difference.

(Rich Askey is president of the Pennsylvania State Education Association representing 181,000 education professionals and trainees at Pennsylvania public schools. He teaches music in the Harrisburg Area School District.)


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