Every election is important



On Nov. 5 we have what some consider a small election process. Mayors, councilmembers, supervisors, commissioners, as well as a Proposed CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT for crime victims’ rights.

Although it might seem like a small election, every election is important.

Why? There are many reasons. First and foremost elections are a foundation of our freedom. Also, because when we vote we telling those we have chosen to represent us that we are paying attention. If you do not do the job you were chosen for then you will be fired!

As many of you who read this newspaper and might have heard of Ida Temple you are probably aware that she calls it the way she sees it, and she is not afraid to speak her mind. She has always loved this nation and desires to keep it safe for the children who do not have a voice yet. Adults can handle themselves as well as protect themselves, but the children do not. It is up to every adult to do so.

So go out to the polls in numbers and tell those wanting our votes that we trust you to do the right thing.

May God Bless those running for election, this nation, the children and our beloved country, the United States of America.


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