Mill Hall

I was reading your article headlined “Mayoral candidates talk city issues at forum” from earlier in the week and one of the candidates said something I thought I should respond to. I do not mean this to be an endorsement of either of the candidates or in any way political, just a clarification.

When discussing poverty, one of candidates suggested using education as a means to help reduce the poverty rate. This is a statement I totally agree with.

One of that candidate’s suggestions was finding ways to offer GED programs for adults. This is the comment I wanted to clarify.

The Central Intermediate Unit 10, Development Center for Adults (DCA) has been offering free GED and other adult basic education classes for over 30 years in Lock Haven. They are located in the CareerLink building in Suite G. Classes are offered four days a week at six different times.

Again, I offer this information as a clarification not an endorsement of anyone. Dozens of people have earned their Pennsylvania Secondary School Diploma (GED) over the past few years and felt that should be pointed out.

(Robert Getz, a long-time educator, is project facilitator for the Development Center of Adults in Lock Haven.)