Here we go again!



Sugar Valley Rural Charter School is under scrutiny again. We have three grandchildren at the school; one has Down’s syndrome. Since I am her home health aide, I have been in the school and can see what is going on. The students are very well-mannered and respectful. The teachers are strict but fair and know the name of the 493 students. The school recently purchased a small house that adjoins the campus. This property will be used for our “special needs” students to learn cooking, cleaning, making beds, etc. These are skills that can help them in life.

The Future Farmers of America program taught by Chuck Bechdel and Robert Weaver is outstanding. There are two sheep on campus. The FFA butchers pigs and sells sausage, makes cider and sauerkraut, and sells fruit to raise funds for their activities. They don’t stand outside stores with their hand out for money.

After-school activities are offered including baseball, soccer, wrestling, Intra-mural softball. These activities are well attended and enjoyed by the students.

The band conducted by Mr. Mauck has done an outstanding job. The band placed second in the Flaming Foliage parade in 2019. They have a friend in Mrs. Parker who is in charge of the color guard.

Miss Eck is involved in the Fleece to Shaw program. The students spin the wool into yearn to show at the state Farm Show. Overall, the charter school is a good school.