In support of renewing SVRCS’ charter



As noted in a July 20, 2016 article in The Express, the Keystone Central school Board approved the Sugar Valley Rural Charter School’s charter in a 5-4 vote.

The board president at the time said it was important to extend an olive branch, do what was best for the kids and put conflicts in the past.

I hope this attitude prevails at the upcoming vote on the charter renewal. If anything, the school’s growth, qualitatively and quantitively, favors a positive vote.

SVRCS has had its charter renewed at least three times. When my children graduated in 2011 and 2013 respectively, there were approximately 200 students at the school. Currently there are about 500 students. The academic and extracurricular offerings have expanded since the time my kids attended, offering richer options for learning. With smaller class sizes and lower student teacher ratios better meeting the needs of the students, kids flourish. I do not believe that statewide test scores are fair indicators of children’s achievements. While some may have low test scores, they make significant progress through a school year, which is a more sane way to monitor success. That children achieve and thrive here cannot be ignored.

Both our children attended four-year colleges, did very well, and currently work full-time in environmental fields. I attribute their chosen professional paths in large part to the individual attention they received, and the environmental and agricultural programs offered at SVRCS.

As it is time to have another vote, I ask the current Board to remember and respect the 2016 attitude-continue to collaborate and work together. I am weary of the thought of litigation and the negative energy expended if the board votes against it. The kids are hurt the most. I ask the board to please vote to extend SVRCS’ charter.


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