South Williamsport

Liberalism, progressivism, neo-Marxism, statism, neo-fascism–the core of today’s Democratic party in my opinion –one day will be seen as a ghastly abomination. Their moral depravity, corruption, confusion, et. al., introduced into America will falter.

Liberalism has metastasized to every facet of American culture. It’s become an enterprise comprised of the federal judiciary; the effete and weak-kneed State Department; the hooligans at the FBI and the Justice Department; the Hollywood and entertainment degenerates with the morality of alley cats; indoctrinators masquerading as college professors; socialist education leaders, thug union leaders in bed with neo-Stalinists; environmental extremists propagating snake oil theories and a lot of junk science; race-hustling civil rights opportunists; anarchists desiring to destroy America; a political class of demagogues lusting for power and authority over our lives and a shameful and shameless left-wing media espousing the pro-big government propaganda as they advocate for the Democrats..

The left has seen to it that criminals have more rights than crime victims. They continually demean law enforcement which strives to protect us. They’ve allowed junk lawsuits to clog our courts and created thought crimes, euphemistically called “hate crimes.” Anti-gun liberals want to confiscate law-abiding citizens’ guns as soon as they can. Most urban centers, Chicago, e.g., run by far out leftists have become bastions of violence and murder. The left has created sanctuary cities where illegal aliens can avoid federal criminal prosecution. The left has denigrated our Constitution by using the courts to make law rather than abide by the legislative process or the amendment process as prescribed by our Constitution. Effete leftists on the Supreme Court would like to make our Constitution like, or on par with, or even subservient to some foreign constitutions.

Free speech is virtually disappearing from many college campuses as leftist professors and administrators force politically correct speech upon students. In most urban schools, students barely able to read are passed on to the next grade or allowed to graduate. Graduation rates are appalling; drop-out rates are disgracefully high and U.S. school children are barely able to compete with comparably-aged school kids worldwide in science and math. Now we’re witnessing a major scandal wherein students’ parents are paying huge sums of money to get their children (who don’t measure up) into some of our finest universities. However, our kids rank right at the top in self-esteem and are becoming quite proficient at putting prophylactics on bananas while blindfolded. So at least we feel good about ourselves and are learning some “valuable life lessons.” Soft- and hard-core pornography permeate nearly every home in America with TV or a computer. Our unborn are being slaughtered at the altars of pro-choice and the women’s movement at the shameful rate.

Under liberals, foreign and military policies are muddled and confused. Obama, their nihilist-in-chief, stopped defensive missile systems for our Eastern European allies, made deep cuts in military budgets and blamed it on sequestration; stopped numerous new weapons systems; destroyed (unilaterally) large numbers of our nukes and cut our Naval forces to pre-World War II levels. The Iran Nuclear Deal, which Hillary, John Kerry and Obama negotiated was absolutely atrocious. Liberals allowed illegal, uneducated criminal, often diseased immigrants into the U.S. They seem to prefer open borders so they can expand their voter base and change the demographic make-up of our nation.

I think they believe we’re idiots. We’re not!


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