Sad promises; same old lies



I think I may have a solution to the problem for the American voters.

Instead of political candidates spending billions of dollars to tell us their ideas that never come true, we could do things a little differently. In January of every fourth year we could hold an auction.

The dude with the biggest bankroll could buy the job of President of the U.S.A. Basically, this is how it’s done now.

The money could be used to pay off the national debt. Of course you would have to give the TV networks a couple of billion for lost revenue.

After this cycle is repeated three or four times, the money could be spent on really important things like studying the mating habits of the carpenter bee.

You know the mental midgets in D.C. would find a way to steal or waste the money.

The candidates would have to dig up mud and tell on each other like a bunch of kindergartners. They could spend their valuable time tending their marijuana farms or growing exotic mushrooms.

They would not even have to make promises they can’t or won’t keep. The time they spend telling lies and raking up mud could be spent on educational purposes like watching reruns of “The Three Stooges” or playing checkers with the dog.

We have the best government money can buy! Why not make some really big money for the politicians to waste and steal? Do you ever get tired of the sad promises and same old lies by this bunch?

I think there has to be a better way of being entertained!

If this idea works we could do it every two years. Think of the money we could realize then.

We might even have affordable healthcare for people who worked all their life.

Politics is a wonderful hobby for the idle rich!


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