Thank you, Mr. Eisemann


Lock Haven

The recent article in the Lock Haven Express regarding William Eisemann’s 95th birthday was a fitting tribute to a very good man.

Navy veteran, former high school science instructor, active politician on both the county and city levels, church member and involvement with numerous local organizations, all are part and parcel of Mr. Eisemann’s life resume.

The gentle and affable Mr. Eisemann could rightly be called “A Man For All Seasons.”

I was fortunate to be a colleague of Mr. Eisemann on the staff at the former Lock Haven High School and I quickly learned that when around Mr. Eisemann it was best to just listen because there was a lot to learn from his ideas on how to help others and interact with them properly.

Mr. Eisemann treated all people with the same amount of respect and esteem, and one always came away from an encounter with him feeling good about life in general.

For sure, Mr. Eisemann lives his life the right way, and influences countless people along the way.


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